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2. Mpx cameras; - one front camera and one back camera; - front camera resolution: 2. Mpx; - back camera resolution: 3. Mpx; - connection time: 5 min with single charge; - AppOS 2.0; - operating system Android 5.1; - available in three colors (gold, silver and white); - Dimensions of 128 mm × 64 mm × 11 mm; - battery size 270 mAh; - weight 128 g ![Images of the product with the new information. ](10-1055-s-0040-1713359_00191_03){#FI03191-3} Regarding the "Elegant" model (model GALAXY S6), there was no change in the content of the information presented in the above picture, with the exception of the two apps that are supplied with the product, the „Gallery" and „Viewer". Now, in „Gallery" there is a feature that allows to listen to music without the use of headphones or speakers, a feature that will help to distinguish it from the other two models, since this model is supplied with a micro USB port that can receive this feature through the connection of a USB cable. In „Viewer", the picture quality is shown in a slightly smaller resolution than the others, and the color presentation in the front camera has a slight difference as well. Finally, regarding the „Fashion" model (model GALAXY S6 Edge), the information presented in [Fig. 3B](#FI03191-3b){ref-type="fig"} is the same as the one previously presented, with the difference that it has the same specification as the „Elegant" model (model GALAXY S6) and that it has a gold trim similar to that of the „Elegant" model. For the first phase of our study, the information supplied to consumers by the different stores was observed. In order to do this, the number of changes that were made in the product description was counted. This analysis was performed, in two dimensions: (1) number of changes between the product supplied to the stores and the product described in the catalog and (2) number of changes of the five dimensions of information description. From the analysis, it was observed that the catalog presented a mean



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